3 Free Wedding Calligraphy Downloads

Owl Ink - 3 Free Wedding Calligraphy Downloads


Summer is here and that means… lots of pretty wedding calligraphy!

I recently created a set of 8 wedding-related calligraphy and watercolor graphics for a project, and thought I’d share 3 out of the set as a free clipart sampler.

They were created with brush pen on watercolor paper, scanned, and cleaned up in Photoshop. (side note: for a tutorial that covers how to clean up lettering in Photoshop, check out my post on How to Add Lettering to a Photo)

Owl Ink - 3 Free Wedding Calligraphy Downloads

If you are anything like me, a LOT of your friends are getting married right now. Make some pretty art as a gift for the newlywed couple! You can also try printing them out onto cards or labels.

Here are some examples of art I made with these 3 clipart files. I had fun practicing my graphic design skills on these :)

All images are from Unsplash, my favorite resource for beautiful free stock photos.

Scroll down for the link to download these files!


Owl Ink - 3 Free Wedding Calligraphy Downloads


Owl Ink - 3 Free Wedding Calligraphy Downloads


Owl Ink - 3 Free Wedding Calligraphy Downloads


Owl Ink - 3 Free Wedding Calligraphy Downloads


Owl Ink - 3 Free Wedding Calligraphy Downloads


Owl Ink - 3 Free Wedding Calligraphy Downloads


You can download them HERE. Feel free to remix, modify, and alter these clipart files ~BUT~ personal projects only please– do not use them in anything you intend to sell.  I made these with my own time and I hope you can respect the creative process :) Many thanks and hope you enjoy!


Owl Links | Volume 002

Owl Links: Volume 2


Owl Links is a series in which I curate some interesting things I’ve discovered recently. The links cover a range of topics, such as calligraphy, design, art, stationery, and beyond!


Calligraphy Tool Kit Essential – Gum Arabic: This incredibly helpful guide by Bien Fait Calligraphy teaches you how to use gum arabic, a binding agent that can make even the trickiest inks behave! I’ve never used gum arabic, so this was very informative.

Lettering Snapchats: I love Snapchat for personal use, but I also love how lettering artists and calligraphers are starting to use it as a platform for teaching, branding, and more. If you don’t already, GO FOLLOW @mattvergotis, @tierneystudio, @tinlunstudio, and @highpulpstudio. You will definitely learn something — since I started following their snaps, I’ve learned how to edit pics for Instagram, how to take better photos, and how to refine lettering art with a fine-tip marker. Not only do you get super valuable tips, it’s just fun to watch these guys in action!

White Calligraphy Ink Showdown Part I and Part II: Lindsey’s white ink comparison is so comprehensive! Her two-part review has beautiful photos, and she also covers some inks that I didn’t get to try in my own review.


Color Palette Generator Roundup: The lovely ladies at Besotted gather up some of the best online color palette generators available. They would definitely come in handy when giving your website a makeover!

Creative Market’s Free Goods of the Week: For this week only (week of 2/29 – 3/6), Creative Market is offering up some wonderfully woodsy-themed graphic design goodies for FREE. Love this selection — I downloaded most of them! (Note: If you’re reading this blog post after 3/6, they’ll have released a different set of 6 freebies)

StereoType: Check out some of these awesome fonts by Stereo Type! Free for personal use, and very affordable for commercial use :) Love that lowercase ‘r’…

Stereo Type - Master of Break

Stereo Type - Master of Break



Art + Alchemy by Stephanie Ryan: I’ve been following Stephanie on Instagram, and I am always amazed by her ethereal, elegant watercolor pieces.

Owls: Our Most Charming Bird: This beautifully illustrated book of various owl species is officially on my “Need It” list.

Owls: Our Most Charming Bird, by Matt Sewell



Oraton Library Embosser: If you have as many books as I do, you might consider getting yourself one of these — a handheld embosser that stamps “From the Library of…” inside your book’s first page!

Ink Samples Using the LIFE Index Cards: Really enjoyed Susan’s creative use of the larger index card size — she used the extra space to add detail to her color swatches!


Handwritten: This website collects images, stories, interviews, and other interesting tidbits related to handwriting and handwritten objects. I love it!

Colors & Patterns: I’ve been really into colors and patterns recently, and started a new Pinterest board for some of my favorite pins. Check it out :)


Vintage owl graphic from the British Library Archive of public domain images. Remixed by me using Photoshop PS5. 

Fall Wallpaper Roundup

This is quite belated, but I realized that I haven’t put out a wallpaper roundup in a while! These fantastic bloggers have released some really lovely digital freebies over the past few months, and they deserve to be shared. :)

I love how some of these fall wallpapers showcase vibrant, warm colors, while others lean toward chilly blues and grays.

Even though winter is coming up in just a few weeks, I thought I’d still share my favorites — perhaps for those like me who can’t quite let go of the rustic mood of autumn.


Fall Wallpaper by Saffron Avenue

Fall in Love with Fall Wallpaper for desktop, by Saffron Avenue

Fall Wallpaper by Make and Tell

Deck Your Desktop Wallpaper for desktop, tablet, and mobile, by Make and Tell

Fall Wallpaper by Squirrelly Minds

Citrine Wallpaper for desktop, by Squirrelly Minds


Fall Wallpaper by Proper

Botanical Wallpaper for mobile, by Proper

Fall Wallpaper by Dani Schafer for DesignLoveFest

Dress Your Tech: Dani Schafer for desktop and mobile, for DesignLoveFest


Fall Wallpaper by Lemon Thistle


Calm Life for desktop and mobile, by Lemon Thistle

Fall Wallpaper by Kat Grabowski for DesignLoveFest

Dress Your Tech: Kat Grabowski for desktop and mobile, for DesignLoveFest

Owl Links | Volume 001



Get it? Owl Ink? Owl Links?! I think I’m so clever. ◕ᴗ◕

Here are some interesting things I’ve read recently in the realm of calligraphy, design,  art, stationery, and beyond!




How to Properly Address Your Wedding Invites – The Return, by A Fabulous Fete: Helpful guidelines on the proper way to address the soon-to-be-married couple on your RSVP return envelope

Calligraphy Inspiration: Brush & Petal: Such stunning watercolor + modern calligraphy work by Sarah. In addition to beautiful calligraphy, she also does wedding photography! So talented!

Graphic Design

Designer’s Guide to Creating Logo Files: Having recently found myself in the position of designing a logo for a friend, I found this very helpful. In brief: give your client Vector (CMYK, Pantone, Black, White) AI, PDF, and EPS, Raster (JPEG, PNG), and size variants.

Free Fall Springs Clip Art, by Miss Mandee: I love these tiny autumn accents! I downloaded her clip art pack and will probably use them here on the blog :D


DIY Color Study, by Mon Voir: DIY tutorial on how to get the most out of your watercolors! By blending each color with subtle hints of other ones, you can create a comprehensive color study of available tones and hues. I definitely want to do this!

The History of Ombre, by Design Sponge: This old article resurfaced in a recent Design Sponge newsletter, and I thought it was a fun and visually enticing read.


Field Notes Colors: Shenandoah, by Three Staples:  I don’t use Field Notes often so I’m still in the middle of last Spring’s Shelterwood 3-pack, but I do love all things woodsy and organic. Jinnie’s write-up is definitely encouraging me to pick up this year’s fall edition.

Staedtler Triplus Fineliner in Nature Colors, by The Well Appointed Desk: Ana’s review of this muted color set is perfect for fall! In fact, I think it would pair nicely with Shenandoah Field Notes… :)


Ursula K. Le Guin on the Sacredness of Public Libraries: Le Guin is one of my favorite authors of all time. I love her succinct yet powerful words on the public library system as a treasure to be preserved.

2015 Renegade Craft Fair – San Francisco: Any Bay Area folks interested in attending this year’s Holiday Craft Fair? I will be there on Sunday!



Vintage owl graphic from the British Library Archive of public domain images. Remixed by me using Photoshop PS5. 

August Wallpaper Roundup

This was really fun to put together for July, and it looks like there are some really awesome August designs popping up in the creative blogosphere again! Here is a collection of the prettiest wallpapers for this month :)



Florabunda for desktop and mobile, by Ban.do via Brit + Co.



August Desktop


August Calendar for desktop and mobile, by The Blog Market



Mallory Lucille

Hand-lettered wallpapers for desktop, from DesignLoveFest




Watermelon Wallpaper

Watermelon Wallpaper for desktop, by Clementine Creative



Something Peach



Live Life to the Fullest for desktop and mobile, by Something Peach

This last one was actually posted last month, but I somehow missed it. It’s too pretty not to share, so it’s going in this month’s roundup!