Designing Owl Ink

When I first came up with the idea for this site, I had ambitions to code it entirely by myself using¬†HTML and CSS. I partially wanted to do it as a learning experience, and also because I wanted to control how the site looked, down to the favicon, link colors, and all. One weekend, I sat myself down and actually did that — I wrote out a pretty basic HTML skeleton and a stylesheet to match. I was quite proud of what I was able to come up with, for a complete noob at least!

These are two screenshots of my original, self-coded site :)


However, in order to have a functioning blog, I realized that I would have to build the site in conjunction with a blogging platform — such as WordPress. After quite some research into WordPress, asking bloggers and friends their opinions, I decided to pull the trigger on the more customizable, self-hosted service. I’m learning on the go, and it’s been fun!

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