Fall Wallpaper Roundup

This is quite belated, but I realized that I haven’t put out a wallpaper roundup in a while! These fantastic bloggers have released some really lovely digital freebies over the past few months, and they deserve to be shared. :)

I love how some of these fall wallpapers showcase vibrant, warm colors, while others lean toward chilly blues and grays.

Even though winter is coming up in just a few weeks, I thought I’d still share my favorites — perhaps for those like me who can’t quite let go of the rustic mood of autumn.


Fall Wallpaper by Saffron Avenue

Fall in Love with Fall Wallpaper for desktop, by Saffron Avenue

Fall Wallpaper by Make and Tell

Deck Your Desktop Wallpaper for desktop, tablet, and mobile, by Make and Tell

Fall Wallpaper by Squirrelly Minds

Citrine Wallpaper for desktop, by Squirrelly Minds


Fall Wallpaper by Proper

Botanical Wallpaper for mobile, by Proper

Fall Wallpaper by Dani Schafer for DesignLoveFest

Dress Your Tech: Dani Schafer for desktop and mobile, for DesignLoveFest


Fall Wallpaper by Lemon Thistle


Calm Life for desktop and mobile, by Lemon Thistle

Fall Wallpaper by Kat Grabowski for DesignLoveFest

Dress Your Tech: Kat Grabowski for desktop and mobile, for DesignLoveFest

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