July Wallpaper Roundup

I love desktop wallpapers! I spend a lot of time on the computer at work,  and I’ve found that having a bright, visually appealing wallpaper makes daily work life a little bit more enjoyable :)

There are so many incredible creative blogs out there, and I love that so many of them post free wallpapers on a regular basis. It’s a small thing that I look forward to each month, and it means that I have a rotating stream of pretty designs to try. Here is a collection of recent designs!



Hello Sunshine July Wallpaper  for desktop and mobile, by Coco and Mingo


July Calendar for desktop, by The Blog Market


Three Illustrated Wallpapers for desktop and mobile, by Oh So Beautiful Paper


A pretty blue-themed Dress Your Tech roundup for desktop, by DesignLoveFest

I love the inky blue one from DesignLoveFest, and have set that as my wallpaper for now!  I follow all of these bloggers in my Feedly reader, and am always inspired by their creativity — I’d highly recommend checking them out for a dose of fun, colorful motivation. Eventually, I would like to try turning my art and calligraphy into desktop wallpapers too! :D

4 thoughts on “July Wallpaper Roundup

    1. I’d love to! I look forward to them every month and will gladly collect them to share :) Thank you for stopping by!!

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