Owl Links | Volume 001



Get it? Owl Ink? Owl Links?! I think I’m so clever. ◕ᴗ◕

Here are some interesting things I’ve read recently in the realm of calligraphy, design,  art, stationery, and beyond!




How to Properly Address Your Wedding Invites – The Return, by A Fabulous Fete: Helpful guidelines on the proper way to address the soon-to-be-married couple on your RSVP return envelope

Calligraphy Inspiration: Brush & Petal: Such stunning watercolor + modern calligraphy work by Sarah. In addition to beautiful calligraphy, she also does wedding photography! So talented!

Graphic Design

Designer’s Guide to Creating Logo Files: Having recently found myself in the position of designing a logo for a friend, I found this very helpful. In brief: give your client Vector (CMYK, Pantone, Black, White) AI, PDF, and EPS, Raster (JPEG, PNG), and size variants.

Free Fall Springs Clip Art, by Miss Mandee: I love these tiny autumn accents! I downloaded her clip art pack and will probably use them here on the blog :D


DIY Color Study, by Mon Voir: DIY tutorial on how to get the most out of your watercolors! By blending each color with subtle hints of other ones, you can create a comprehensive color study of available tones and hues. I definitely want to do this!

The History of Ombre, by Design Sponge: This old article resurfaced in a recent Design Sponge newsletter, and I thought it was a fun and visually enticing read.


Field Notes Colors: Shenandoah, by Three Staples:  I don’t use Field Notes often so I’m still in the middle of last Spring’s Shelterwood 3-pack, but I do love all things woodsy and organic. Jinnie’s write-up is definitely encouraging me to pick up this year’s fall edition.

Staedtler Triplus Fineliner in Nature Colors, by The Well Appointed Desk: Ana’s review of this muted color set is perfect for fall! In fact, I think it would pair nicely with Shenandoah Field Notes… :)


Ursula K. Le Guin on the Sacredness of Public Libraries: Le Guin is one of my favorite authors of all time. I love her succinct yet powerful words on the public library system as a treasure to be preserved.

2015 Renegade Craft Fair – San Francisco: Any Bay Area folks interested in attending this year’s Holiday Craft Fair? I will be there on Sunday!



Vintage owl graphic from the British Library Archive of public domain images. Remixed by me using Photoshop PS5. 

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