Review: Recent Stationery Hauls

I enjoy what Andrew does over at Minimally Minimal, in which he rates a roundup of items that he tried but didn’t write a full review post for. In this post, I rate some of my recent stationery  acquisitions!


Recent Stationery Hauls - Clear Document Holder

Daiso Clear Document Holder – ★★★★

These have been redesigned over the years, but they are essentially the same: a clear plastic box for storing your papers. I find them great for things that I want to keep in one place, but don’t want to hole-punch into a binder. I recently bought two more: one for storing calligraphy practice sheets, and another for transporting watercolor supplies. Four stars for being cheap, functional, and easily replaceable.


Recent Stationery Hauls - Washi Tapes

Daiso Washi Tapes – ★★★☆

Daiso washi tape comes in pretty limited (and sometimes ugly) patterns, but there are a few gems in the midst. On a recent visit, I was tickled to find this adorable owl one! Some of their tapes seem stickier than others, which is strange, but I won’t complain about washi tape for just $2.00.


Recent Stationery Hauls - Paper Cutter

Fiskars Paper Cutter – ★★★☆

I mentioned in a previous post here that I bought this paper cutter for a wedding place card project. This is one of those things that I didn’t know I needed, until the very hour that I needed it. Since then, I’ve used it for pretty much everything that involves cutting paper. Knocking off a star because the cuts aren’t as clean as they’d be if I used my Xacto-knife and ruler, but the convenience is unparalleled.


Recent Stationery Hauls - Mini Stamps

Alphabet Stamp Sets – ★★☆☆

I found these tiny alphabet stamps in the dollar section of Michaels, and couldn’t resist. I picked up a traditional serif set, a vintage typewriter set, and a basic sans-serif set. They are really cute, and I’ve been enjoying them in a variety of silly uses (like the teeny tiniest Field Notes that ever existed). However, they are very roughly made — the edges are roughly cut, and I don’t expect them to last long.


Recent Stationery Hauls - Sugar Paper for Target

Sugar Paper Collection for Target – ★★★☆

I love the black/gold/ballerina pink combo that graces all of Sugar Paper’s 2016 lineup. On a trip to Target, I picked up the small weekly/monthly planner and two document folios. I plan to use one for important documents like my passport, checkbook, and insurance cards. The other will hold small calligraphy pieces. Taking off a star because the planner already has some loose threads, after barely any use.


Recent Stationery Hauls - Notepad by The Well-Appointed Desk

Shit To Do Notepad from The Well Appointed Desk – ★★★★

Ana and her husband brainstormed this funny little notepad on a whim, and I love it! It’s simple, cheeky, and motivates me to actually “get shit done” — mainly because like feeling productive by writing lists in it.

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